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Winter's Tale (2014) Movie Poster Winter’s Tale (2014) is a supernatural and romantic drama based on the eponymous 1983 novel written by Mark Helprin. The movie is directed by Akiva Goldsman, the famous screenplay writer for Oscar nominated “A beautiful mind”. He also produced and co-wrote for other succesful feature films such as “A time to kill”, “I, Robot”, “Constantine”, “Cinderella Man”, “Mr and Ms. Smith”, “ The Da Vinci Code” and “I am Legend”.
The story takes place in an industrial New York in the 1900s in the first part of the movie and then switches to modern day New York. One morning, the burglar Peter Lake played by Colin Ferrell tries to rob from a wealthy household. He is caught red handed by the resident heiress, Beverly Penn, played by Jessica Brown Findlay. Instead of screaming and calling for the police officers, she is very much amused and even invites him for a cup of tea. Peter accepts her offer, giving in to the natural charm of Beverly. This chance encounter will change both their lives. Watch Winter’s Tale (2014) online and follow the romance unfold.
As the movie progresses, the audience learns about Peter’s past. He is an orphan who was forced to become a burglar in an Irish gang in order to survive on the streets of New York. His sworn enemy, Pearly Soames, played by Russell Crowe chases after him and tries to kill him.
Beverly Penn falls in love with the stranger, but, unfortunately, she suffers from consumption and dies in the arms of her lover Peter. Through some sort of supernatural power she is still able to protect him from the rage of Pearly Soames. She sends the white horse Athansoar to become his guardian angel. While on the run from Soames, Peter and his horse disappear in a cloud for several decades. Watch Winter’s Tale (2014) online for free and witness Peter’s adventures in modern day New York.
After time traveling for such a long period of time, Peter appears in a very different environment having no memories about him. As the story unfolds, he will soon discover that he has the gift of reincarnation and he will try to revive his beloved Beverly. Watch Winter’s Tale (2014) stream and find out if true love can make miracles happen.
Winter’s Tale (2014) will premiere on 14th of February 2014 for Valentine’s Day.
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
Running Time: 114 min.
Release Date: 13 February 2014
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Akiva Goldsman more..


Vampire Academy (2014) Movie Poster Richelle Mead’s “Vampire Academy” successful book will be the basis of a new film production of the same name in 2014. This first book from the series is followed by “Frostbite”, “Shadow kiss”, “Blood promise”, “Spirit Bound” and “Last sacrifice”. All six books were published in thirty five countries having a total sale output of eight million copies.
The movie adaptation stars Zoey Deutch as Rose Hathaway, the guardian in training, Lucy Fry as Lissa Dragomir, the royal Moroi, and Danila Kozlovsky as Dimitri Belikov, Rose’s mentor and love interest. Other cast members include famous Hollywood actors Gabriel Byrne as Victor Dashkov and Olga Kurylenko as HeadMistress Ellen Kirova.
Rose and Lissa escaped from St. Vladimir’s Academy and try to live peacesfully in the human world. But the vampires soon trace their whereabouts. Watch Vampire Academy (2014) online and follow the two best friends as they are dragged back and forced to comply with their former environment.
St Vladimir’s Academy is a dangerous place with a very strict hierarchy. For Lissa and Rose, who now have the status of runaways, adapting to new school life proves to be quite difficult. Dimitri is assigned as Lissa’s guardian and Rose’s mentor and later becomes romantically involved with the latter. He will need though to make a hard choice between his duty to protect the royal Moroi and the love for his apprentice. Lissa will also fall in love, but her romance will face many hardships as the lover’s parents have turned into Strigoi, thus betraying the Moroi code.
In the vampire world, there are two types: the Moroi, mortal vampires living discreetly in the human world and Strigoi, immortal vampires. The guardians, who are also called dhampirs meaning half human-half vampire, protect the Moroi against the dangerous Strigoi. The first type can turn in the latter type in their pursuit of eternal life.
Both Lissa and Rose will find out new skills while attending St Vladimir’s Academy. Watch Vampire Academy online for free to witness their personal growth.
The book received many positive reviews and placed fourth on ALA’s teens top 10. In consequence, the movie is highly anticipated by young readers, but also older fans of “Twilight” saga and other succesful vampire story books.
Watch Vampire Academy stream for free and discover a vampire world full of deceit and struggle for power where it is easy to fall prey to the Strigoi promise of immortality.
Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Running Time: 104 min.
Release Date: 7 February 2014
MPAA Rating: PG
Director: Mark Waters more..


This Is the End Poster Comedy seems to be the flavor of the times as more and more Hollywood movies are being made in this genre. This is the End is however refreshingly different having taken up a challenging subject that has been interwoven around the net of comedy. The movie is actually based upon a short movie named Jay and Seth vs. The Apocalypse made in 2007. This is the End has been written by the same duo of Seth and Evan Goldberg while the central characters of the movie have been played by Seth, Jay, Emma Watson, James Franco, Paul Rudd, and Michael Cera. Watch This is the End online to beat the queue to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

This is the End combines the opposites of comedy and disaster. The movie revolves around certain celebrities who face a disaster while attending a get together at Franco’s place. The movie has been produced by Columbia pictures and it has already received critics acclaim for its refreshing take on a disastrous situation in the lives of celebrities. Watch This is the End online free and save on your time and money as you do not face the traffic jams in the city to get to the theaters.

Rihanna makes a short appearance in this movie full of celebrities. Surprisingly, all celebrities have played their part without any trouble as all they had to do was to pose off as them only. There were rumors that Daniel Radcliffe may be a part of the movie but finally he got replaced by his costar Emma Watson. These stars are all their in an apartment, facing the apocalypse, trying to understand the true meaning of friendship and making sense of their lives. Watch This is the End Streaming on your laptop in the company of your friends.

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Running Time: 107 min.
Release Date: 10 June 2013
MPAA Rating: R
Distributors: Columbia Pictures more..
Man of Steel Poster If you love the brilliance of Christopher Nolan and have watched all his movies including Inception and the Dark Knight, get ready to see a superhero film directed by the man in the form of Man of Steel. The movie is the latest Superman film that has been actually directed by Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan has merely been a creative consultant to Zack. Nevertheless, the movie caries the legend of Superman forward and is not only breathtaking to watch but also full of intense performances, especially by Henry Cavill who plays the role of Superman and Clark Kent. Watch Man of Steel online and save on your hard earned money.

A couple from a dying planet Krypton sends their infant to earth to save him. This alien infant is found by an old childless couple in Kansas who raises him and knows that the child has some super powers. The couple tries to shield their adopted son from the world but he becomes a journalist and leads a dual life to help those in need while maintaining secrecy about his powers. The movie has stars like Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe and Michael Shannon in addition to Henry Cavill. Watch Man of Steel online free at home along with your friends who love super hero films.

The movie has been produced by Warner Brothers and shows the dilemma of a super boy who feels alienated because of his powers and the values given to him by his adoptive parents. But this dilemma gives way to a steely determination to save his adopted planet when it is attacked by evil men. If you were waiting for your favorite superman to return to the silver screen in a new avatar, Man of Steel is the movie for you. Watch Man of Steel streaming through internet in the comfort of your own home.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Running Time: 87 min.
Release Date: 20 June 2013
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Distributors: Warner Bros. more..