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Divergent (2014) Movie Poster The start of the trailer is a smidge excessively Hunger Games-y for my taste. Tris is getting primed for the most amazing day of her young life — the day she’ll be sorted by disposition into Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, or Erudite — and the cuts are extremely reminiscent of Katniss get ready for her procuring. Well, if this seems unbelievable, then you just might want to watch Divergent online yourself.
Notwithstanding, the likenesses close there. Tris’ reality, on the outside at any rate, is significantly more sorted out and simply than Katniss’. At the same time the uniform, Big Brother-esque association of Tris’ kin, and additionally the stunning absence of people left in this baffling, post-whole-world destroying form of Chicago, clue at something vile hiding under Jeanine Matthews’ (Kate Wins let, who is immaculate) quiet front. Why does Tris necessity to be anxious about her city’s pioneers? Why must she hang out around the wild-kid dauntless tribe? Why she is not permitted to have more than one bent? What’s more above all, why on earth does this world spot its youngsters in dangerous circumstances as a piece of their instruction?
These are all inquiries that the film were definitely reply, you might simply be euphoric to see that the sum of the Dauntless stuff, train-hopping and merry go round climbing incorporated! Essentially looks so exciting. The battle scenes, especially the ones that characteristic Tris going head to head against Miles Teller’s awful Peter, appear as though they’re set to be as ruthless and unflinchingly legit as they are in the books. With such a large number of YA dystopian film adjustments softening the key viciousness that makes their books so effective and powerful, it’s reviving to see that Divergent will be a harsh ride. Notwithstanding, you’ve generally had a vivid creative energy, you can quite effortlessly envision a world in which Four and I are as one, for instance, however the bent tests, which are so urgent to the whole book arrangement, have dependably been sort of troublesome to understand in my dystopia-cherishing mind. Nonetheless, it would appear that the film form of Divergent has nailed the wretched ghastliness that is these brain regulating, to a great degree intrusive tests.
If you are eager to watch this movie alone, and set your reviews as well, then considering to watch Divergent online free or by just searching for copies online by keying “watch Divergent stream”, would be worthwhile.
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Running Time: 121 min.
Release Date: 21 March 2014
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Neil Burger more..


RoboCop (2014) Movie Poster For all fans of the RoboCop franchise, 2014 is the year chosen by producers for a new theatrical release. Being the fourth movie in the series, expectations were set very high from the beginning. The famous director Darren Aronofsky was initially rumored to be at the helm of the movie production. Given his successful previous film features: “Requiem for a dream”, “The Fountain”, “The Wrestler” and “Black Swan”, his take on RoboCop (2014) would have been yet another entertaining and character driven story. But, due to several reschedules, the producers finally signed the contract with Brazilian director Jose Padilha better known for the movie “Elite Squad” who won a Golden Bear distinction at the 2008 Berlin International Film Festival.
RoboCop (2014) is a science fiction action film based on 1987’s RoboCop production starring Joel Kinnaman as the lead character. The actor has played in several succesful Swedish movie series such as Johan Falk and the trilogy Easy Money. He is well known to American audience for his roles in “The Girl with a dragon tattoo”, “Safe house” and TV series “The Killing”. Watch RoboCop online for a yet another great performace by Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman.
The story takes place in the year 2028, when robot technology is owned by the OmniCorp conglomerate. When police officer Alex Murphy is injured by a car bomb, the only solution for him to live on comes from Omnicorp. He becomes RoboCop: half man, half machine. By providing the latest state of the art technology, OmniCorp intends to set an example and equip other major cities with RoboCops, thus increasing the share value of their stockholders. Watch RoboCop (2014) online for free for a fresh and entertaining story.
The cast includes Gary Oldman as Dr. Dennett Norton, the scientist behind Omnicorp technology, Michael Keaton as the conglomerate’s CEO, Samuel L.Jackson as Pat Novak, and Abbie Cornish as Clara Murphy. Watch RoboCop (2014) online stream and watch the fight for justice in the mechanized future world.
Genres: Action, Crime, Sci-Fi
Running Time: 118 min.
Release Date: 6 February 2014
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: José Padilha more..


Elysium (2013) Movie Poster There is a huge difference between the Matt Damon from the real life, which is concerned about the situation of poor children and famine, and the Matt Damon on the screens, which chooses complicated roles like Bourne and the one from Elysum. Besides Matt Damon, Jodie Foster is another good reason to watch Elysium online, especially if you are the fan of post apocalyptic movies.

120 years from now, the world would be divided in two. The poor people still live on Earth as we know it, but it is an Earth that looks like the suburbs of an African city. Here, people fight for survival and they are abused by robot cops and army, while the rich ones moved to Elysium, an artificial satellite of Earth where all the diseases are cured and where people live in luxury, controlling the large masses of people remained on Earth for their own benefits. Matt Damon plays Max, a person that gains the abilities to demolish this inequality, and to bring the two worlds into an equilibrium.

You can watch Elysium online free if you want a display of great acting, with two Oscar winners and also with an impressive budget. One reproach that could be brought to Elysium is the fact that it is not in 3D, but the scenes look astonishing. Here, we have to give credit to Neill Blomkamp, the man behind District 9, Smallville and Stargate SG1. District 9 won an Oscar for visual effects, and we are sure that Blomkamp made a great job with this one also, so we can hardly wait to watch Elysium streaming. Now that the director also benefits of some good actors and an impressive budget of 100 million dollars, we are sure that Elysium would be one of the biggest hits of 2013, and a movie to watch even over years.

Genres: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Running Time: 109 min.
Release Date: 9 August 2013
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Neill Blomkamp more..
Europa Report Poster What would be the common point for Earth and the fourth biggest moon of Jupiter? According to NASA, it is the possibility of life. Europa is the name given to this moon around the 70’s, but the astronomers back then were not aware about the possibility of finding life on this moon. It seems like space exploration is of interest not only for NASA, and in this movie, a privately owned company decides to send a team of astronauts to explore this frozen moon with huge potential.

We liked to watch Europa Report online because it is the first serious movie about space exploration since Apollo 13. Yes, we can compare it with Armageddon and Moon with Kevin Spacey as the robot, but this is somewhat different. if you choose to watch Europa Report online free, you will discover a different approach to this subject.

The special effects of this movie are great, and we can see that all the modern computer simulations were used. The plot is also interesting, because the astronauts would find what they are looking for a lot faster than expected. The problem is that life on Europa is not represented by some cute green aliens welcoming us with banners. It is something different, and you should watch Europa Report streaming if you want to see the conclusion of this movie.

Europa Report is a space exploration movie, and besides Christian Camagro, which you know from Twilight Saga movies as Eleazar, you won’t find notable names. However, the actors make a great job in recreating the thrilling atmosphere on Europa, making us aware about the possibility to find life closer than we expected. Now, the possibility of having some bad aliens right near our beautiful blue planet is not a pleasant one, but you should see the movie to determine the impact of such a great discovery.

Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller
Running Time: 90 min.
Release Date: 27 June 2013
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Sebastián Cordero more..
This Is the End Poster Comedy seems to be the flavor of the times as more and more Hollywood movies are being made in this genre. This is the End is however refreshingly different having taken up a challenging subject that has been interwoven around the net of comedy. The movie is actually based upon a short movie named Jay and Seth vs. The Apocalypse made in 2007. This is the End has been written by the same duo of Seth and Evan Goldberg while the central characters of the movie have been played by Seth, Jay, Emma Watson, James Franco, Paul Rudd, and Michael Cera. Watch This is the End online to beat the queue to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

This is the End combines the opposites of comedy and disaster. The movie revolves around certain celebrities who face a disaster while attending a get together at Franco’s place. The movie has been produced by Columbia pictures and it has already received critics acclaim for its refreshing take on a disastrous situation in the lives of celebrities. Watch This is the End online free and save on your time and money as you do not face the traffic jams in the city to get to the theaters.

Rihanna makes a short appearance in this movie full of celebrities. Surprisingly, all celebrities have played their part without any trouble as all they had to do was to pose off as them only. There were rumors that Daniel Radcliffe may be a part of the movie but finally he got replaced by his costar Emma Watson. These stars are all their in an apartment, facing the apocalypse, trying to understand the true meaning of friendship and making sense of their lives. Watch This is the End Streaming on your laptop in the company of your friends.

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Running Time: 107 min.
Release Date: 10 June 2013
MPAA Rating: R
Distributors: Columbia Pictures more..