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3 Days to Kill (2014) Movie Poster 3 Days to Kill (2014) is a full blown action thriller drama set to be released in February. Based on a script written by Luc Besson and Adi Hasak, the movie tells the story of a Secret Service agent who needs to do one last assignment for the Agency in order to be given an experimental drug which will prolong his life, thus allowing him to spend more time with his estranged daughter. Luc Besson is famous for his action movies like “Nikita”, “Leon, The Professional” and “The Fifth Element”. Having that in mind, the audience can expect an entertaining movie combining drama, action and funny moments. Watch 3 Days to Kill (2014) online!
The lead character is played by Kevin Costner, previously known for successful movies like “Wyatt Earp”, “The Bodyguard”, “Dance with the wolves” and more recent “The Company Men” and “Man of Steel”. Co-stars include Amber Heard who starred in “The Rum Diary” and Hailee Stainfield, the star from “True Grit” and “Romeo and Juliet”.
The director of the movie McG is well known for feature films like action comedy “This Means War” and “Terminator Salvation”. He also produced four great TV series: “The O.C.”, “Supernatural”, “Chuck” and “Nikita”.
In three days, the Secret Agent Ethan Runner will need to juggle between his responsibilities as a dad: taking his daughter to school and making dinner and his job as spy: placing location detectors and beat up the bad guys. Of course, that things start to mix at one point. For instance, he holds prisoner an Italian for questioning and just then his daughter calls to ask him about how to make spaghetti. So Ethan just tells the guy to give her the recipe. Or he goes to pick her up from school while a guy is tied in his trunk. When he starts to make noises, Ethan just goes and punches and tells him he’s trying to have a conversation with his daughter.
The girl starts to suspect something is wrong when she sees her dad dressed in perfectly tailored suits which cannot be afforded by regular Sales representatives. His cover is that of a sales agent. Watch 3 Days to Kill (2014) online for free and see how Ethan can find a way out before his daughter discovers the truth.
The wife played by actress Connie Nielsen knows about her husband’s real job, but she is unaware of the current assignment given to him. She believes in the promise he made to her to retire from the Agency and spend more time with his family.
The experimental drug may or may not work, but Ethan places a lot of hope in its effect, so he diligently does the job. Watch 3 Days to Kill (2014) stream to discover if his efforts pay off or if the miracle solution is actually an exit for a person no longer willing to work for the Agency.
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama
Running Time: 104 min.
Release Date: 21 February 2014
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: McG more..


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