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hummingbird Humming bird is the story of a British Special Forces soldier operating in Afghanistan who has been court marshaled and asked to return to Great Britain. Dejected and disappointed, Jason Statham returns to Britain to lead the life of a homeless and war ravaged veteran. He is roaming the streets of London when he get close to the underworld and also get an opportunity to assume the identity of another man. Watch Hummingbird online free to beat the rush as the theaters today.
Hummingbird has been directed by Steven Knight and is in the genre of action and thriller. Steven has also written the screenplay of the movie that stars Jason Statham playing the role of the British Special Forces officer posted in Afghanistan. Stellar performances in the movie have also been given by Vicky McClure and Lee Asquith-Coe. The movie has received a rating of R because of violence and nudity but it is a gripping saga of a war veteran who finds himself clueless in his own home after the court martial. Watch Hummingbird online to see the drama unfolding inside your own home.
Though Jason starts to work odd jobs for the underworld, he gives away all his earnings to the needy people in the city. It is when he learns that his missing ex girlfriend was murdered by an underworld mobster that he goes berserk and seeks revenge. Jason risks his life to avenge the wrongful murder of his ex love, in the process finding himself confronting the underworld that has the potential to destroy his identity altogether. He becomes an avenging angel in the process. Watch Hummingbird streaming through internet on your computer to avoid the queues at the theater and the traffic jam on the roads. This is a quality action packed thriller that will make your day if you love the genre of action and thriller.

Genres: Comedy, Animation, Horror
Running Time: 87 min.
Release Date: 20 September 2012
MPAA Rating: PG
Distributors: Walt Disney Pictures more..

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