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jOBS (2013) Movie Poster We all know Aston Kutcher as one of the most popular actors of the new generation, and as the star of the last two series of Two and a Half Men, but maybe you don’t know that he is an IT passionate, and also the owner of some important IT companies that mane him a billionaire. JOBS is the story of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple and one of the most important figures of technology. If you have an Apple device or if you are only interested about the story of a man that managed to change the face of IT, than you should watch jOBS online.

What we don’t understand is why Aston wanted to play the role of Jobs. Let’s face it, we like him in comedies and romantic dramas like Friends with Benefits, but the role of Jobs does not suit him at all. Well, he is the producer, financer and the man behind the idea of this movie, so if you want to watch jOBS online free, you will have to accept the idea that Aston is playing Steve Jobs.

As for the movie itself, if you know the biography of Steve Jobs, you probably know what to expect from this movie. When you watch jOBS streaming, you will probably make analogies with The Social Network, and we might say that we saw the same resemblance. Anyway, it is a good biographic movie that makes waves from many points of view, the most important of them being the fact that it is about one of the most important figures of today’s world.

Steve Jobs dropped from college and never finished. He managed to live his life as he wanted, even if it was a short life. He left behind one of the most important legacies of the modern world, so his story can’t be nothing else than fascinating.

Genres: Dramaler
Running Time: 122 min.
Release Date: 16 August 2013
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Joshua Michael Stern more..

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