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The Heat Poster Sarah Ashburn is an uptight FBI special agent who is poles apart from the bad tempered Boston police officer Shannon Mullins. The two cannot stand the sight of each other but are made to work together but a twist of fate that brings them together as a team that is sent to track a drug lord down. If you love to see action along with comedy, The Heat is the latest action comedy that is also a thriller that is designed to make you glued to your seat. Watch The Heat online to get all the thrill and action at home.

The Heat has been directed by Paul Feig and written by Katie Dippold. Paul Feig is the same guy who made a name with his The Bridesmaids. The Heat stars Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, and Marlon Wayans. While Sandra Bullock plays the special FBI agent, Melissa plays the foul mouthed Boston police detective in the movie. The two women officers who cannot stand the sight of one another turn into buddies when they are made to work as a team to bring to book a Russian mobster. Watch The Heat streaming on your computer today.

Sarah is a methodical police officer while Shannon does not follow a schedule, leave alone method. However, the duo comes to terms with the working style of each other as they try to nab the drug Lord from Russia. Sarah learns how to make use of the street smartness of Shannon to overcome the impending danger from the mobsters. No one expects them to be buddies, but this is what happens in a fast paced action thriller that has the capacity to keep you pinned to your seat for its entire duration. Watch The Heat online free and have something tasty ordered from the restaurant to have a picnic at home.


Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime
Running Time: 117 min.
Release Date: 28 June 2013
MPAA Rating: R
Distributors: Twentieth Century Fox more..

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