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Winter's Tale (2014) Movie Poster Winter’s Tale (2014) is a supernatural and romantic drama based on the eponymous 1983 novel written by Mark Helprin. The movie is directed by Akiva Goldsman, the famous screenplay writer for Oscar nominated “A beautiful mind”. He also produced and co-wrote for other succesful feature films such as “A time to kill”, “I, Robot”, “Constantine”, “Cinderella Man”, “Mr and Ms. Smith”, “ The Da Vinci Code” and “I am Legend”.
The story takes place in an industrial New York in the 1900s in the first part of the movie and then switches to modern day New York. One morning, the burglar Peter Lake played by Colin Ferrell tries to rob from a wealthy household. He is caught red handed by the resident heiress, Beverly Penn, played by Jessica Brown Findlay. Instead of screaming and calling for the police officers, she is very much amused and even invites him for a cup of tea. Peter accepts her offer, giving in to the natural charm of Beverly. This chance encounter will change both their lives. Watch Winter’s Tale (2014) online and follow the romance unfold.
As the movie progresses, the audience learns about Peter’s past. He is an orphan who was forced to become a burglar in an Irish gang in order to survive on the streets of New York. His sworn enemy, Pearly Soames, played by Russell Crowe chases after him and tries to kill him.
Beverly Penn falls in love with the stranger, but, unfortunately, she suffers from consumption and dies in the arms of her lover Peter. Through some sort of supernatural power she is still able to protect him from the rage of Pearly Soames. She sends the white horse Athansoar to become his guardian angel. While on the run from Soames, Peter and his horse disappear in a cloud for several decades. Watch Winter’s Tale (2014) online for free and witness Peter’s adventures in modern day New York.
After time traveling for such a long period of time, Peter appears in a very different environment having no memories about him. As the story unfolds, he will soon discover that he has the gift of reincarnation and he will try to revive his beloved Beverly. Watch Winter’s Tale (2014) stream and find out if true love can make miracles happen.
Winter’s Tale (2014) will premiere on 14th of February 2014 for Valentine’s Day.
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
Running Time: 114 min.
Release Date: 13 February 2014
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Akiva Goldsman more..


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